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Application Information

Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) RSA 162-LCommunity Development Finance Authority RSA 162-L[PDF][273.85KB]
Grants Management System (GMS) Registration & TipsTips for using CDFA's Grant Management System (GMS). [PDF][27.19KB]
Key Dates & Contact Information for Tax Credit ProgramKey dates and contact information for the Tax Credit program. [PDF][21.49KB]
L5 Capacity ProgramThe L5 program seeks to provide resources to CDFA partner organizations to advance specific community development focused projects, causes, or organizational needs.[PDF][409.69KB]
Tax Credit Certification Form 2016The Tax Credit Certification Form must be completed by the applicant organization's CEO or Executive Director, or by an officer of the Board of Directors.[PDF][10.50KB]
Tax Credit Development Budget WorksheetBlank worksheet to use for submitting your development budget. [XLSX][19.24KB]
Tax Credit Operating Budget WorksheetBlank worksheet to use for submitting your operating budget. [XLSX][27.72KB]
VIDEO: How to apply for CDFA tax credits on GMS A step-by-step video about using GMS to apply for CDFA tax credits. Please note applications are modified year to year and this video may not reflect all updates.[link] 

Donor Information

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs about the CDFA Tax Credit Program for donors and businesses.[link] 
Instructions for Donors You've pledged to a CDFA project? Now what?[PDF][91.92KB]
CDFA Investment Tax Credit Program BrochureBrochure with information for businesses interested in the Tax Credit Program[PDF][10.36MB]
Investment Tax Credit Benefit Illustration Spreads See also our Tax Calculator.[PDF][20.23KB]
Investment Tax Credit OpinionLegal opinion obtained by CDFA regarding application of its tax credits by donors. [PDF][34.75KB]
NH BET Calculator Illustration Matrix of NH Business Enterprise Tax rates[PDF][35.60KB]

Grantee Resources

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs about the CDFA Tax Credit Program for donors and businesses.[link] 
Tax Credit Grantee Information PacketsEverything you need to know about managing your CDFA Tax Credit award. [PDF][794.98KB]
Annual Report InstructionsThis document will show you how to complete your annual status reports (due on July 31st) and file them on GMS.[PDF][289.36KB]
Customizable CDFA Investment Tax Credit Program BrochureBrochure for businesses interested in the Tax Credit Program. This file has space on the inside flap that the project can customize.[PDF][8.50MB]
Fundraising Report InstructionsThis instruction sheet will walk you through how to file your month fundraising status report, due on the 5th of each month.[PDF][197.43KB]
Investment Tax Credit Pledge Agreement See also our online pledge form. Click the green arrow for the new fillable paper pledge agreement. [PDF][84.48KB]
List of Fundraising ConsultantsHere are some independent third-party consultants who may be able to assist your organization sell CDFA tax credits [note: CDFA does not vouch for or endorse any third-party consultants].[link] 
Pledge Agreement Instructions Explains how to process a donor pledge and upload the form to GMS. [PDF][35.55KB]
Successful Fundraising ResultsTips for getting the most out of your tax credit campaign.[PDF][40.95KB]
Tax Credit Grant TimelineHere is a timeline of milestones for grantees over the life of their tax credit fundraising effort and contract completion. [PDF][38.05KB]
Using GMS to Correspond with StaffHow to contact CDFA staff and keep track of all correspondence with GMS.[PDF][179.22KB]


CDIP 2014-01Elimination of Five-Year Reporting Requirements[link] 
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