Tax Calculator

Unsure how a CDFA Tax Credit might benefit your business? Use our interactive calculator to see how your donation to a Tax Credit project could affect how much you pay Concord and Washington in taxes.

Estimate of Donor's Net Cost of Contributing Through CDFA Tax Credit Program

  Without Contribution With Contribution Net Savings
1. Tax Credit Calculation  
75% Tax Credit Earned $0 $18,750  
a. Current Year NH Business Tax Credit $0 $6,375 $6,375
b. Balance of Tax Credit to be Applied to Additional NH Business Tax or Carried Forward to Another Tax Year $0 $12,375 $8,168
2. Federal Income Tax  
3. Taxable Income before CDFA Contribution & NH BPT $99,999 $99,999  
4. less: Contribution to CDFA (Net of Tax Credit Benefit) $0 $-25,000  
5. less: NH Business Profit Taxes $-8,500 $0  
6. Adjustments to Taxable Income (3+4+5) $-8,500 $-25,000  
7. Net Federal Taxable Income $91,499 $74,999  
8. Federal Income Tax Rate 34.0% 34.0%  
9. Total Federal Income Tax Liability $31,110 $25,500 $5,610
10. NH Business Profit Tax  
11. Net New Hampshire Taxable Income $99,999 $74,999  
12. NH Business Profit Tax Rate 8.5% 8.5%  
13. Total NH BPT Liability $8,500 $6,375 $2,125
14. Net Savings on a $25000 Donation to CDFA Tax Credit Program     $22,278
15. Net Percentage Cost of Original Contribution  
16. Net Cost of $25000 Contribution     $2,723
17. Net Percentage Cost of Contribution     10.9%
  • i. Line 5: NH BPT net of Tax Credits is equal to line 13 less line 1.
  • ii. Line 11: Net NH Taxable Income is equal to line 3 less line 4 in the Federal Income Tax section.
  • iii. A 5 year carryforward is allowed if the total amount of the tax credit is not used in the year it is issued.
  • iv. For Federal tax purposes there may be limitations that apply to your business.
  • v. Contributors are responsible for consulting with their own tax advisors to determine the impact of contributing to the CDFA tax credits on their finances.
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