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Want to learn more about how the Tax Credit Program works or get some help in creating an application? CDFA conducts two Application Writing Workshops for its Tax Credit Program. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop. CDFA will award up to $5 million in state tax credits.

We are seeking innovative projects that show a high degree of community support, build partnerships, and leverage other funds. Organizations that are awarded tax credits are responsible for raising monetary donations in the amount of their tax credit award from for-profit businesses that have a New Hampshire tax liability. These businesses will then receive a 75% tax credit for their donation to be used against the business profits, business enterprise, and/or insurance premium taxes. For instance, a business donating $10,000 to CDFA on behalf of an approved project will receive a tax credit in the amount of $7,500. The donation is also eligible for treatment as a federal charitable contribution.

Workshop Details

Each workshop is an all-day event. The morning session will include an overview of the program, application requirements, and an introduction to CDFAs online electronic Grants Management System. The afternoon session will give potential applicants the opportunity to meet with CDFA staff to discuss their projects, to get advice on the appropriateness of the project for Tax Credit funding, and to assess the organizations capacity to conduct the fundraising necessary for the project's success. Attendees should bring sufficient information and project materials to the workshop such that productive discussions with, and assessment by, CDFA staff can take place. (Check our EVENTS section to see when and where the next tax credit workshop will be held.)

Tax Credit Program Application Information

The deadline for to apply for Tax Credit Program funding is Friday, April 18, 2014. Attendance at an Application Workshop is strongly recommended before submitting an application. The CDFA Board of Directors expects to make funding decisions at its meeting in July. Assistance may be in the form of a grant, loan, credit enhancement, equity investment, or some combination.

You can also watch a video that walks you through the online application step-by-step. Click here to watch.

Need More Info about the Program?

Go to our FAQ page and learn more of the frequently asked questions about the program.

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