Glossary of Terms

Who doesn't love to throw around an acronym? They're cool-sounding and save precious seconds during communication.

We at CDFA (hey, there's an acronym now) aren't big on speaking in acronyms, but they're a reality of life when dealing with federal and state programs. It would be quite presumptuous of us to just assume you know what all these letters stand for (like inviting you to a party where everyone spoke Esperanto).

Here’s a glossary of some of the acronyms you’re likely to come across working on your project.

Community Development Block Grant
CDFA Community Development Finance Authority
CDIP Community Development Investment Program (a.k.a. the CDFA Tax Credit Program)
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFR Code of Federal Register
DES (NH) Department of Environmental Services
ED Economic Development
HCD Housing and Community Development
HSPF Housing and Public Facilities
HUD  (US) Department of Housing and Urban Development
LMI Low and Moderate Income
RDC Regional Development Corporation
RSA (NH) Revised Statutes Annotated
TA Technical Assistance
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