A revolving loan fund, BetterBuildings was created by the US Department of Energy and funding is provided in New Hampshire by the Office of Energy and Planning. The staff here at CDFA administers the statewide BetterBuildings program on behalf of these organizations.

The goal of BetterBuildings is to make businesses and nonprofits more comfortable and cost less to operate through energy improvement. This creates stronger organizations with better bottom lines.

The BetterBuildings program originated as three-year initiative for both consumers and businesses in three NH beacon communities: Nashua, Plymouth, and Berlin. The original program had great impact for its participants (you can read some of their case studies by clicking hereToday, BetterBuildings is available to businesses and nonprofit organizations statewide.


Eligible activities paid for by BetterBuildings include:

Project Eligibility

Upgrades eligible for financing must meet three requirements:

1.They must lower the energy consumption of the building or enable the building to produce clean energy and the project must result in a 15% lifetime energy savings

2.They must be “permanently affixed” to the property

3.All energy measures together must meet a “Savings to Investment Ratio” of greater than 1, meaning that projected savings from the energy measures over the term of the loan must exceed the total EE/RE investment


Eligible Technologies

  • Audited energy efficiency measures
    • I.E. weatherization, insulation, lighting, water saving measures
  • Renewable electric and/or thermal generating systems
    • I.E. Geothermal, solar thermal, biomass, solar electric


Financial requirements

  • Efficiency projects require an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit
    • We may in some circumstances accept a recent energy audit (within the past 5 years)
  • Renewable generation projects require a recent feasibility study, price proposal and proposed savings analysis
  • All projects require financial statements or tax returns showing the ability of the borrower to repay the debt
  • Audited energy efficiency measures
  • Renewable electric and/or thermal generating systems


After assessing your current energy improvement needs, CDFA staff may recommend financing from the BetterBuildings program as the best fit for your operation.

Have more questions? Dig into our Frequently Asked Questions page for the skinny on all of the Clean Energy Fund programs. Or better yet, you can give Scott Maslansky or call at 603.717.9123.

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