Enterprise Energy Fund Application Information

CDFA is now accepting applications for the Enterprise Energy Fund... 

The application will provide CDFA with basic information to evaluate whether you fit to the program. The information requested covers the applicant's finances, information regarding the building targeted for energy efficiency investment, and historical energy use at that building. If you have already had an energy audit completed on the building, we will also ask you to attach a copy of that to your submittal.

If you have an audit done and your project meets our financial and building energy needs criteria, we will ask you to complete a loan application. This will ask for more detailed information regarding your project and will require at least three competitive proposals that specifically address the scope and the cost to complete the project. We will also ask for a detailed list of additional funding sources that you will use to finance the loans. Loans will be negotiated on a first-come, first- served basis with consideration being given to funds, availability, geographic location, and type of business.

To begin your application, go to our Grants Management System and get to it.

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