Enterprise Energy Fund for Businesses Application

CDFA is not accepting applications for the Enterprise Energy Fund at this time, as all funds are currently obligated. We hope to make more money from this revolving loan fund available soon.

The Initial Inquiry will provide CDFA and the Community Loan Fund with basic information to evaluate the applicants fit to the program. The information that is requested covers the applicant's finances, information regarding the building targeted for energy efficiency investment, and historical energy use at that building. If you have already had an energy audit completed on the building, we will also ask you to attach a copy of that to your submittal.

If you have an audit done and your project meets our financial and building energy needs criteria, we will ask you to complete a full loan application. The loan application will ask for more detailed information regarding your project and will require at least three competitive proposals that specifically address the scope and the cost to complete the project. We will also ask for a detailed list of funding sources that you will use to finance the loans. Loans will be negotiated on a first-come, first- served basis with consideration being given to funds, availability, geographic location, and type of business.

If your review of your Inquiry demonstrates that your project meets the criteria of our program and you have not yet had an energy audit done, we will after you the opportunity to have an audit with the cost of that audit being subsidized by program funds. If you are a for-profit business we will pay 50% of the cost of the audit and if you are a nonprofit we will pay 75% of the cost of the audit. If you wish to go through the audit process, you will be asked to sign an audit agreement and submit to CDFA your portion of the audit fee prior to the audit being done. When the audit has been completed and we know which energy measures will be the most effective, we will give you the opportunity to submit a loan application.

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