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Implementation Guide & Consolidated Plan

CDBG Implementation Guide[link] 
New Hampshire Consolidated Plan[link] 

Sample Applications

Economic Development SAMPLE application[PDF][315.79KB]
Emergency Grant SAMPLE application[PDF][273.75KB]
House/Public Facilities SAMPLE application[PDF][275.40KB]
Microenterprise SAMPLE application[PDF][273.23KB]
Planning Grant SAMPLE application[PDF][245.21KB]

Application Resources

CDBG Eligible Activities[PDF][11.20KB]
Federal and State Statutory Requirements[PDF][179.58KB]
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms[link] 
Grants Management System Tips[PDF][35.21KB]
HUD 2880 Disclosure Form 2[PDF][204.81KB]
HUD Matrix Code Definitions[PDF][227.34KB]
Inspection Checklist Housing Choice Voucher Prog[PDF][514.80KB]
Municipal Cert. Form 1[PDF][103.82KB]
Planning Grant National Objective Determination[PDF][21.46KB]
Sample Exhibit A - Hearing Notice[PDF][14.32KB]
Sample Exhibit B - Posting Notice[PDF][14.80KB]
Sample Exhibit C - Hearing Minutes[PDF][21.88KB]
Sample Exhibit D - Residential Antidisplacement & Relocation Plan (RARA)[PDF][17.11KB]
Sample Exhibit E - Housing and Community Development Plan[PDF][21.39KB]
Socio Economic Variables[PDF][41.76KB]
What Every Good Housing & Public Facility Application should have [PDF][18.22KB]

Rules and Regulations

CDBG Rules[PDF][4.15MB]
Eligible CDBG Activities for States[PDF][95.51KB]
Fair Market Rents for 2014[PDF][7.16KB]
HUD Income Limits[PDF][18.99KB]
Municipalities' Authority for CDBG Programs[PDF][10.31KB]
OMB Circular A-87[PDF][199.45KB]
Regulations for State CDBG Programs [PDF][212.78KB]

Housing/Public Facilities Income Surveys

2015 Housing Income Limits (summary)[PDF][14.43KB]
Belknap County[PDF][17.20KB]
Boston/Cambridge/Quincy MA[PDF][16.95KB]
Carroll County[PDF][16.84KB]
Cheshire County[PDF][16.96KB]
Coos County[PDF][17.05KB]
Grafton County[PDF][16.88KB]
Hillsborough County[PDF][16.86KB]
Lawrence MA-NH[PDF][17.00KB]
Merrimack County[PDF][16.95KB]
Sullivan County[PDF][17.04KB]
West Rockingham County[PDF][17.08KB]

Economic Development Income Surveys

Belknap County[PDF][17.84KB]
Boston/Cambridge/Quincy MA[PDF][17.82KB]
Carroll County[PDF][17.74KB]
Cheshire County[PDF][17.75KB]
Coos County[PDF][17.76KB]
Grafton County[PDF][17.79KB]
Hillsborough County[PDF][17.81KB]
Lawrence MA-NH[DOC][30.50KB]
Merrimack County[PDF][17.68KB]
Sullivan County[PDF][17.79KB]
West Rockingham County[PDF][17.89KB]


CDBG 2014-01: CDFA Interpretation of "new construction" under CDBG program[link] 
CDBG 2015-01: Procurement Standards[link] 
CDBG 2015-02 Dates for meetings and deadlines[link] 
CDFA Events
The Board of Directors will meet Tuesday
Workshop for Newly Updated Economic Development Program
Applicants interested in receiving CDFA tax credits must file their Letter of Intent this day
The Committee will meet Thursday
The Board of Directors will meet Tuesday