Housing Futures Fund

The Housing Futures Fund helps nonprofits provide new housing opportunitiesThe Housing Futures Fund (HFF) awards grants, through the Tax Credit Program, to assist community-based nonprofit housing organizations. HFF grants are intended to build the capacity of participating nonprofits to investigate opportunities, secure financing, and test innovative new solutions for area residents.

The HFF provides operational grants and technical assistance to its grantees (nonprofit housing organizations). The operational grant program enables grantees to focus on housing development and educational outreach to individuals and families in need of quality affordable housing. The technical assistance aspect of the HFF program is implemented by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. It provides grantees with several areas of assistance including: supplying needed capital and related technical assistance for projects undertaken for which financing from other sources is unavailable, enhancing the grantees technical capacity, and affordable housing advocacy efforts to create a political climate that is user-friendly for nonprofit affordable housing developers.

While CDFA raises the money through the Tax Credit Program, the Housing Futures Fund Advisory Committee, consisting of representatives from for-profit businesses donors, continues to review applications and make recommendations to the CDFA Board of Directors for final approval. Both the donors and grantees benefit from donor participation on this advisory committee.

CDFA Events
Required reporting for CDFA awardees must be completed and submitted today.
The Board of Directors of CDFA will consider applications for the 2015 tax credit program
Applications from communities interested in CDBG HS/PF must be submitted by today's deadline.
CDFA will hold a press conference to announce tax credit projects selected for FY 16 & 17
The Community Development Advisory Committee will consider the latest applications for CDBG grants.